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| Jun 2, 2009
It is already June 2. And I have something to say.

-Factory Clean up (June 1):
Did anyone notice some of the creations have disappeared???

-Racers Beta Testing:
The 'American' Glitch isn't away. Americans still can't play LRC :(

So only people in Europe and Asia can test it until LEGO fixes it...
But what if you change from America to Europe??? We think it makes a new account for you, but we're not sure.


Herochild said... [REPLY]

I've changed from America to Europe, and got to keep my old account.

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

well, is that a disappointment or not? i know quite a lot of people would like to change their team, etc...

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Normally, it's just a glitch. I know that a lot of people want to change their team, and that's the reason there is a topic on the LMB in the forum RACERS, where you can discuss about if they have to reset everything or if they let it so (how it now is). Hope i help you, Sim533

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