| Oct 27, 2011
What is LEGO CUUSOO? Well, I'm here to answer that question! CUUSOO (which is Japanese for 'imagination' or sometimes 'wish') is a new site now in open beta. Here users can upload their own creations to be voted on by the community, models with over 10,000 votes may be launched into production by the LEGO Company! If your model is selected for production you will receive 1% of the net profit (the amount the LEGO Company gets after subtracting the costs to make and sell the model)
So head on over to the site but first a few words of warning:

Currently I am unable to find an age limit to register for the site, however, the LEGO CUUSOO site does not appear to be as restrictive as the main LEGO website and you can share much more data there than anywhere else. Remember to always get your parent's permission before sharing any personal information online! Also, since it is possible to earn money from your models, Plagiarism (copying someone else's model) is strictly prohibited, so, once again, check with your parents before registering or uploading models and make sure it's okay with them.

And finally, the link:



le717 said... [REPLY]

I found an age requirement on Lego Cuusoo. Article 3 Section 5:

"Services which require user registration are not available to users under 13 years of age."

There 'ya go!

Ads said... [REPLY]

There is a new Hero Factory game on the Hero site for the 3.0 Heroes!

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