LEGO Universe HUGE Update

| Aug 7, 2011
The power of the Nexus Force will be unleashed soon in LEGO Universe. 
Coming in the August 9th patch are a whole slew of new items, missions, achievements and more!
Some of the things included in this patch:
  • The Spider Queen
  • Leveling
  • The Third Faction Specialties; Shinobi, Space Ranger, Adventurer and Inventor
  • Capes (Including Faction and Valiant capes)
  • New Rockets: These include new colors of the Classic Rocket, the January Rocket building competition winner and a LEGO Club Rocket
  • Voice over tutorials for early in the game

And so much more including added daily missions, revised mission chains, more named enemies on Crux Prime and still more! Check out the release notes here!


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