Take the Technic Challenge - Build a Summertime Sport vehicle!

| Jul 21, 2011
All participants have uploaded creations and 10 finalists have been selected, you can go and vote to help choose which is the best model!
You can vote until the end of the month! - Hurry up and go!

If you don't know for who to vote, then please give your vote to Jayko543. I know he worked very hard on this!

Missed your chance?
Don't worry, from February until September we run competitions, they start up the first of every month and you will have 2 weeks to upload creations - so be ready for the next one!

The winner will receive a prize and also continue to the Big Finale in October.


CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

I voted for Jayko543. Congrats on your awesome model, Jayko. It is very cleverly designed.

marsmisson2 said... [REPLY]

Very nice model..great look I vote for you

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