Big Change Coming to LEGO Universe!

| Jul 11, 2011
In the next few weeks a major change will be added to LEGO Universe - Minifigure levels! As you complete Missions and Achievements, your minifigure will increase in level – earning new rewards and abilities. This leveling system will provide minifigures with a smoother game play experience and offers even more minifigure customization!

Leveling in LEGO Universe is a breeze! You won't need to spend hours upon hours grinding enemies for experience points. All you need to do is earn U-Score points by completing Missions and Achievements! After the new system goes into place, even Daily Missions will count!

Want some examples? To reach level 2, you must earn 35 U-Score. Level 5, will require 390 U-Score, and so on. These numbers are subject to change based on internal testing. Familiarize yourself with your Passport to quickly find and identify Achievements you can complete to level up!

With leveling also comes leveling rewards! At certain milestone levels (like 5, 10, and 15), your minifigure will earn cool prizes, including up to 40 more backpack slots, a rocking owl companion who is happy to perch on your shoulder, a permanent speed boost to your minifigure, and exciting new equipment!

As part of the new leveling system, another big change is coming. All in-game items will have a level requirement. This means that in order to use or buy this item, you must be the specified level first. For example, the Visored Racing Helmet has a level requirement of 20, the Crux Planet Shield has a level requirement of 25, and the Spike Hammer has a level requirement of 30. As you level up, your minifigure will be able to unlock more items, allowing you to customize your minifigure to be exactly how you want it to be!

Concerned about how this change will affect your minifigures? Worry not! All existing minifigures will automatically have their level calculated by their existing U-Score. The U-Scores of existing Achievements and Missions are having their U-Score balanced for this new system – your minifigures will receive credit for every Achievement and Mission they have completed in the past . After the new system goes into place, we will recalculate your existing U-Score and transition you smoothly into the new system.

Any items that have already been linked to your minifigure will not be restricted to the level requirements. This means that if your U-Score places you at level 19, but you already have a linked Spike Hammer from your past level-free life, you can still use your existing linked Spike Hammer with no worries! Remember, you must have the item linked, not just in your backpack or vault – but linked!

Stand by for more breaking news to come! In the meantime, crack open that Passport and start hunting U-Score points like there’s no tomorrow!

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Wooton's take: While I think this is mainly a good idea, I believe it would have been better to implement it all the way at the beginning. The article points out that there will be more minifigure customization available to higher level players although it goes into no detail as to what that may be. Judging only from the article it appears as though customization will be harder for lower ranked players due to the fact that many items will be restricted. The idea of using achievement scores rather than the typical MMO standard of XP (Experience) seems to be aimed more at allowing existing players to keep their stuff than to let players become more powerful (The levels seem to provide no statistic or damage bonuses). To sum up: I think it's a good idea, it would be better if it had been in place at the start and used XP instead of achievement scores.


Arin3 said... [REPLY]

SOme people REALLY are devoted to this blog. If lived in a zone where I could buy universe I would too, I guess.
Im not sure MLN is going anywhere despite the number of people who maintain the LEGO website, as it was fun at the time but really, wasn't it just like an Advetisment for LEGO in the end.
MLN wiki already has a poll open about what should happen to the wiki f MLN gets relpaced.

The blog has heaps of potential! I understand the MLN legacy you have, but don't hold back you could become a MLN and Universe blog or something. If you google Lego Universe you are nowhere, and I bet lots of people search that. On the other hand If you search for MLN lego you're first up!

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