LEGO Universe Contest Calender for July!

| Jun 29, 2011
July is an adventurous time of year. Schools are closed, pools are open, and there’s oodles of fun to be had traveling around the world to discover new, exciting places with family and friends. By participating in July’s contest theme – Adventure – you can unleash your inner Magellan in LEGO Universe for the chance to win smorgasbords of LEGO sets and stylish in-game prizes!

This month will feature exciting, exclusive in-game prizes including the radically cool Nexus Force Shield Mk III!

July 1 – July 31 Create a Pirate Ship

With the Black Seas Barracuda treed, Captain Jack Knife may be in the market for a new pirate ship. Draw or build a recreation of his beloved first vessel, the Rosebrick, and submit it at any point throughout the month of July for a chance to take home more LEGO sets than can fill a cargo hold!

July 8 – July 10 Dragonmaw Chasm Grand Prix

Ninja racing guru Zip Lash is looking for adventurous Minifigures to squeeze on the old racing helmet and try their luck at his dangerous racetrack. The brave speed demons who finish with one of the top twenty fastest times across all servers will receive a horde of LEGO City sets and in-game rewards the envy of many a ninja clan!

July 14 – July 18 Most Adventurous Screenshot Contest

The Nexus Force is doing a terrific job of warding off the Maelstrom, but it needs new recruits! Help Hael Storm convince Minifigures from far-off planets to join the fight for Imagination by taking an in-game screenshot of your Minifigure doing something adventurous. The top twenty submissions will abduct a stellar collection of LEGO Alien Conquest sets and valuable in-game rewards!

July 21 – July 24 Battle of Nimbus Station Contest

Wenn Wuzzit is reading intense fluctuations in the levels of brickular metaphysics and plastonic megaflowidity surrounding the Battle of Nimbus Station! Head back in time and clear all thirty waves of Maelstrom invaders as fast as you can for a chance to win one of twenty prize packs filled with LEGO Kingdoms sets and unique Battle for Nimbus Station-themed in-game items!

July 28 – July 31 Cannon Cove Shooting Gallery Contest

The beach, the sun, and Kraken target practice. That’s what summer is all about. Take a trip to Pirate Camp and help Black-Hearted Kevin ward off the Maelstrom Armada for a chance to win a pyramid-full of LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest sets and more pirate-themed in-game items than you can shake a blunderbuss at!

As of July, all contests that require an in-game subscription will include sellable gems and Faction Tokens alongside all other rewards. Keep an eye out for them as you check out contests during July, and be sure to discuss July’s contest calendar on the message board!


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