Join us for Testing in North Carolina

| Jun 8, 2011
If you own a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robot, if you live in the area of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, and if you are willing to help us with some product testing, please join us!

Read more here. This is a great opportunity. I am seriously wishing I lived in North Carolina right now. :-)

LEGO is down?
I attempted to view a few different LEGO pages today ( addresses), and they all resulted in me getting sent to the same page. The page said something on the lines of, "In order to provide LEGO visitors with a better experience, this page will be down for a few hours". Then it had links to a few games you can play while you were waiting (nothing special, just the usual games). A new update perhaps? The websites are back up now, but I am yet to find a difference.


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Link updated. :)

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

If somebody wants to know why the LEGO site was down for a bit of time.
- LEGO Club Pages are deleted. Before yesterday, you was still able to visit them using a flash link.
- Messageboards Online list was also updated, so the usernames redirect to instead of the MLN migration page of that user.

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Finaly LEGO decides to fix the Club pages.

Yes, I do still read this blog! I just almost never comment.
The site almost never gets any updates other than products- which, i guess is the sites main focus; however, things like MLN and LEGO Octopus are almost never updated. I once thought you would have changed the name to the LEGO Universe and Help Blog seeing as you already have that other MLN blog....

Iwish i lived in North cARolina- Its about 8-10 hours away!

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Sorry for the double post- what happened to last years Christmas contest?

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

If they need toy testers, I wonder if that means an NXT 3.0 will be coming out?
If only I lived in Raleigh...

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

Arin3. We stopped having contests because we weren't getting enough entries. I must apologize for closing the contest before we were able to judge, but something major was happening in my life at the time and I was completely unable to finish the contest.

Eragon.Saphira. I KNOW! I hope that it means NXT 3.0. After all, there is a thread on the Message Boards devoted to making suggestions for NXT 3.0. However, they could also just be working on new sensors... or other add-on parts. Perhaps they will update the programming! :-) That would be cool. No matter what though, something epic should come out of this! :-)

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I really hope that this means something...A few things to consider:

-This was only posted on the NXT site. This would suggest that this development is specific to NXT, not Lego in general.
-Why just North Carolina? What sets that state apart?
-"Product Testing" suggests some new NXT addition. Hopefully, it'll be NXT 3.0.

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