| Jun 23, 2011
And sooner than usually, the full HF website update has arrived. There is not as much to it as in the past years since the site design is basically the same except for a new video playlist on the front page. There you can watch two awesome animated summer set commercials and a new Ordeal of Fire recap summing up the OoF story for those who could not watch it (you have to scroll to find it). The recap also announces a new DVD arriving in Fall, supposedly containing the OoF and Savage Planet episodes. For some reason, there are no new downloads, but the story section updates make up for that. You can see four pictures of the Savage Planet episodes there (which look very nice), and finally we know more about Witch Doctor and Rocka. There are also bios for the new characters and for Witch Doctor´s staff. Finally, the Creep Crusher 3.0 games, called Jungle Crushers, have been released. Overall, an update worthy of being checked out!


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