Winners, winners and winners!

| May 1, 2011
The winners of 7 contests have been announced. A list of all the articles are posted below.

Once again, during the weekend of March 26 and 27, the Nexus Force needed your help in the Battle of Nimbus Station. Many heroic Minifigures fought bravely all through the 29 waves of Maelstrom enemies. Out of these, we randomly picked 20 winners. Here they are:


The LEGO Universe Community Team wishes you congratulations. Please join us in saluting the winners!

Team spirit was at a solid 100 percent during the weekend of March 19th and 20th, and your Best Team Moment Screenshots were rolling in to Creation Lab. An exciting amount of fantastic, heroic and just darn cute team moments were shared and picking only 5 top teams was extremely difficult. Nevertheless, here are the winners:

Winning Teams:
Team 1
• mikellen123
• Thunder-blast
• ultimatebuilder911

Team 2
• MikkelHusum
• Kevo150
• firehawkninja
• monkey6721

Team 3
• 7op89
• Scepter216
• PatchM142

Team 4
• Wicket888
• longshotks
• Blue-yoshi74
• StormBull2635

Team 5
• HowdyDonut
• BobmanIG-88

Congrats to the winning team, you did very well! May you all have many great team moments to come!

The Battle of Nimbus Station needed YOU in the weekend of March 12th and 13th. Many a brave Minifigure showed up to fight the evil Maelstrom forces! A remarkable number of tough fighters made it through the 29 waves in one piece. Out of all the top survivors, we randomly picked 20 lucky winners, who will be awarded with a Ninjago prize pack!

1. HunterDroid
2. NitroGravityAsteroid
3. GrandFlyingMagnet
4. Blueberryjam
5. Doombringer
6. KindVitalMachine
7. LunkJitteryPiano
8. IonGothicMammoth
9. Gijsbrecht
10. drewdude
11. chris3
12. svenXD
13. 8powers
14. Crow
15. LordVexonStorm
16. legend326
17. BlackCeder
18. mindbomb
19. Reesesboy
20. Mook

Congrats to the winners!

More than 1,000 Minifigures brought their A game for the Best Action Screenshot Contest held all through the month of March! Out of all the entries, the 3 most action-packed Screenshots were picked by the judges!

1. PacoJavi
2. Name withheld by request
3. Trexdinoclaw

The talented winners will receive LEGO Creator sets and a complete Bat Lord suit! Let’s give them a round of applause!

On the weekend of February 11-14, the stealthiest of all Ninja crept out from the shadows to compete in the “Your Best Ninja Moment” screenshot competition. Our LEGO Universe members truly understand what being a Ninja is all about! You all pushed the envelope of what it means to be a Ninja, but in the end, only 20 could prevail. Let’s congratulate them all for their fantastic job capturing the true essence of a Ninja –that is, if you can find them!

1. KittyKatLover250
2. Ahsoka1415
3. TSStechAngel
4. tristan9262
5. ZockerGamer
6. cedy307
7. PittyDuFoo
8. crackerman12
9. hjchjchjc
10. StevenXS
11. buckycheese
12. Matalo22
13. nitram59
15. xbsl8wq
16. legokingpenguin
17. zacski1
18. logandodo
19. num2341
20. Nato826

Congratulations to the Ninja!

During the month of February, members of LEGO Universe were challenged to build the Ultimate Training Facility on their Property. The results were phenomenal! With over 300 entries, it was extremely difficult to choose just three! Out of all the entries, these three talented builders have been chosen as the winners. Let’s congratulate them for their winning entries! Be sure to check out their property to see the winning Training Facilities in person!

1. priggy
2. Jake_Peril
3. Quilibrium

Congratulations once again to the winners! Don’t forget to tell all your friends that you won! Best of luck to everyone else on future contests!

In the cold month of December we were feeling festive, and decided to have a December Giveaway, with LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT prizes worth almost $400! Participants were all the winners from December’s many LEGO Universe contest and everyone who sent us a letter during December and January with their shipping details. We had a lot of entries, but had a blindfolded Dr. Overbuild draw 3 random winners with one of his robotic arms.

1. brenttron
2. jebediahs
3. Name withheld by request

Congratulations to the winners!


Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

That is pretty cool :-)
I wonder why it took them so long to post the winners?
And why would anyone want their name to be 'withheld by request'?
If I won a prize I would have no problem with my name being announced

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

Perhaps that they sometimes do that, so players don't spam them or anything.

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