Build with dad byME

| May 24, 2011

From the DesignByMe Website: 
Dear Builder,

We would like to encourage you to share the building experiences in LEGO Digital Designer with your dad. Show him how LDD works, and together you can enjoy many hours of building fun.

Download LEGO Digital Designer today, so you and your dad can start building unique LEGO creations together.

Remember to check our shipping times if you need your creation delivered on a specific date.

We are really excited to see your creations in the gallery.
Remember to show off your creation in Design byME's gallery, so other users can see what you and your dad have designed.
Best wishes & Happy Building :)

The LEGO Design byME Team

Perhaps your dad and you will design a cool car unlike any the world has seen before. It's all up to your imagination...


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