Mother's Day byME 2011

| Apr 8, 2011
Posted on the DesignByME website: Make a gift for your cool mom!
Make Mother's Day special with a personal gift this year.
Personalize your Mother's Day gift
Celebrate your cool mom
She makes your bed, washes your clothes, gets you ready for school, prepares the family dinner, and reads you good night stories. How cool is that? Mother's Day is the perfect day to show your mom how much you love her and appreciate all the hard work she puts in to make your life more comfortable.

You can download LEGO DIGITAL DESIGNER here and create the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the world’s coolest mom.
Create something personal for one that matters.

In the LEGO Digital Designer you can be inspired by our Mother’s Day starter models or you can create your own very personal gift from your imagination.
Happy Mother’s Day and have fun building.

To make sure you get your set in good time for Mother's day, please look up the last recommended order dates in the table below.
CountryFinal Order Date
Australia7th of April
Austria13th of April
Belgium13th of April
Canada13th of April
Czech Republic13th of April
Denmark13th of April
Finland13th of April
France13th of April
Germany13th of April
Hungary13th of April
Italy13th of April
Ireland13th of April
Luxembourg13th of April
Netherlands13th of April
New Zealand7th of April
Norway13th of April
Poland13th of April
Portugal13th of April
Spain13th of April
Sweden13th of April
Switzerland13th of April
United Kingdom13th of April
United States13th of April


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