LU update delayed AS USUAL!!!

| Apr 21, 2011

The april contest calender was edited today in all the silence. The mystery racetrack grand prix has been delayed for one week! That means that the FV track is coming later then we were told earlier!
April 30 - When the Nexus Tower is done!   Jawbox Brick Donation
The Nexus Jawbox wants your brick donations! Partake in the biggest and boldest Minifigure mission yet – the Brick Donation for the construction of the Nexus Tower! This Community Mission will kick off with the Build Nexus Tower release (but start collecting bricks already on April 30th!) and only end when Nexus Tower is complete! Check back on April 30 for more information.

May 7 – May 8   Mystery Racetrack Grand Prix
You will be pushing the pedal to the metal somewhere in LEGO Universe... The location is still unknown, but stay posted on! For now, rest assured - it is not going to be easy, but it will be fun! LEGO City Sets will be yours if you win!
Scrubbed tires are the best kind, so make sure to take a few practice runs before going all in on grand prix weekends! Zigzagging is recommended for warming up your tires!

Already now you can stock up on Green Imaginite for the racetracks, and start collecting car parts for your creations. Hammer down and get ready to roll!

Discuss (and protest) the contest calendar in the forum !


LegoFan101 said... [REPLY]

I dunno if this means it has been delayed. As I said on LEGO Uni, it's very possible only the contest has been delayed, to allow us to get used to DMC as someone else also stated.

It doesn't necessarily mean it has been delayed - as a matter of fact the Nexus Jawbox has been pinned to a date now. We actually have GOOD news outta this. :P

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