How to build the Jawbox!

| Apr 21, 2011

In this How to Build session, you will learn how to build the very cool, very silly, and very customizable Nexus Jawbox before it premiers with the Build Nexus Tower update! The Nexus Jawbox is a very special model that will only be in LEGO Universe for a short while. Its mission is to collect massive amounts of donated bricks for Doctor Overbuild to build Nexus Tower with! Once the entire Community has donated enough bricks, the Nexus Jawbox will retire and go away.

Now, if you are like any of us on the LEGO Universe Team, you are thinking two things:

1. I need the Nexus Jawbox in my life…now!
2. The Nexus Jawbox is so cool, I want it around forever!

Have we got news for you! Now you can build your very own Nexus Jawbox –either in your Property in Brick Mode, in LEGO Digital Designer or with real bricks in your own home! Bring LEGO Universe to life in your own home by building your very own Nexus Jawbox to proudly display at home! Who knows, maybe you can even get some brick donations for your own brick collection! Build the Nexus Jawbox and ensure that its legend lives on forever!

You can download the instructional PDF here. If you prefer to use LEGO Digital Designer, the .LXF file is available here. Be sure to ask your parents for permission before you download anything to your computer!

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