How to build: Fire Brawl (LU)

| Apr 14, 2011
LEGO Universe is a unique Massively Multiplayer Online Game where you can play, build and hang out with your friends. There are incredible LEGO builds in every single world –and many of you want to know how to build them yourselves! This series of articles is designed with the builders in mind, so you can either recreate or customize these models. Build on your Property, in your home with real LEGO bricks, or in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD)!

Speaking of LDD, did you know that a new version has just come out? LDD 4.1 is now available for download and features a LEGO Universe tab! This means that you now have access to the LEGO Universe palette of bricks, which is used every day by our own Builders! Use LDD to either recreate or customize the models featured in the How to Build series. Better yet, challenge your creativity and come up with your very own LEGO Universe themed models!

In the Build Nexus Tower and Dragonmaw Chasm articles, you’ve gotten some sneak peeks at the new Dragonmaw Chasm themed Race Cars. In the last How to Build article, you also learned how to build a Chassis from Velocity Lane. Now it’s time to put them together for a How to Build series exclusive!

Learn how to build the Fire Brawl race car before it is even available in-game! The Fire Brawl is one of two new Dragonmaw Chasm themed race cars. Be the first amongst your friends to proudly display the Fire Brawl in your Property. Need some inspiration for the April Build a Race Car Contest? What better way than to learn, with step by step instructions, how the Pros do it? Build the new Fire Brawl car now!

You can download an instructional PDF here. If you prefer to use LEGO Digital Designer, you can download the .LXF file here, but kids, make sure you check with your parents first!

Download the PDF instructions for the Mach Lava Car here, or the LXF file if you prefer to build in LDD.

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