Brick Vendors are organizing their shops!

| Apr 19, 2011
We’ve all been there before. You are merrily building an epic space station, reach into your backpack for a 1x6 tile –and come up empty handed. Where to get one? You know you’ve seen it at a Brick Vendor, but amongst all of their other wares, it’s all too easy to miss it.

Builders, we are proud to announce that after talking to all of the Brick Vendors, they have decided to organize their shops for easier shopping! With a simple click of a button, you can view Brick Vendors’ wares by various categories such as Clips, Hand Accessories and Hinge & Turntable.

Do you organize your bricks differently? That’s no problem at all. The Buckets you used to organize your personal Brick collection can apply to viewing Brick Vendor wares too. You will be able to quickly and easily browse specific categories of bricks so you spend less time searching and more time Building!

The Brick Vendors are working around the clock to get their shops nice and organized for your shopping pleasure. Get your Buckets sorted now, the Brick Vendors will be premiering their new shops soon!

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