8 new Faction Cars and Rockets - Coming Soon!

| Apr 11, 2011

All Factions have their strengths, but you chose your Faction because you believe that it is the best! Very soon, you will be able to show your Faction Pride by racing in or flying in your Faction Car or Rocket!

The 4 Faction Leaders designed these new Faction Cars & Rockets for their beloved Faction members.

The new Faction Car names are:
• Assembly Blockader
• Paradox Blindsider
• Sentinel Stalwart
• Venture League Hinterlander

The new Faction Rocket names are:
• Assembly Solarblast
• Paradox Darkwarp
• Sentinel Startalon
• Venture League Astroscout

These new Faction Car and Rocket modules are available at your Faction Vendor in Nimbus Station! Rocket Car modules will be available for 2,000 coins and 60 Faction Tokens each. Faction Rocket modules will be available for 3,000 coins and 80 Faction Tokens each. Save your coins and Faction Tokens now. You will be able to purchase these new Faction Cars and Rockets soon. Stay tuned for details!

Go Team!

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CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

Whoa. Cars for different factions? That's awesome!

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