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| Mar 30, 2011

Adventurers, Builders, and Racers! Exciting news from the front line!

Are you ready to Build Nexus Tower? With an all new Community Mission to Build Nexus Tower, 48 new daily missions, a new larger sized Property (Nimbus Isle) and so much more, there will certainly be something for everyone!

Nexus Tower Community Missions!
Introducing for the first time: Community Missions! What better way to premiere this new Mission system than with the largest build, ever? Minifigures from all Factions will need to work together to donate the massive amount of bricks needed to complete Nexus Tower!

How do you donate? It’s as easy as pie! Head over to Nexus Jay and Kurt Tussel who will give you the Missions to donate bricks to the Nexus Jawbox!

Simply add the bricks you would like to donate into the box and let the Nexus Jawbox take care of the rest! Donate bricks to build Nexus Tower and to complete the new “Nexus Tower Builder” Achievements, Tiers 1-6! Once Nexus Tower is completed, you won’t be able to work on these Achievements anymore, so don’t wait!

Dragonmaw Chasm and new Dragonmaw Chasm Race Cars
Be prepared for the scariest thrill ride of your life! The most challenging racetrack is on its way! Dragonmaw Chasm Raceway is located in Forbidden Valley. Find the launcher to the Dragonmaw Chasm Raceway in Mantis Rock. Before you rev up to start the Race, make a quick pit stop at Yam Waterwolf’s shop. He’s got two new Dragonmaw Chasm themed Race Cars to race in!

Faction Rockets & Faction Race Cars!
Show your Faction pride by flying around in a Faction Rocket or racing in a Faction Race Car! Very soon, Faction Vendors in Nimbus Plaza will be offering Faction Rockets and Faction Race Cars in their shops! Unlike other Rocket or Car parts, you will need Faction Tokens in addition to coins to purchase these special parts. Save your Faction Tokens now so you can be the first to fly or race in the new Faction Rockets and Race Cars! See your Faction Vendor in Nimbus Station soon!

Nimbus Isle!
Property Guard, Bud Nippit, needs your help to clear the biggest and newest Property: Nimbus Isle! Head over to Brick Annex to find the Rocket Launch Pad, located across from Rad Eccles. Be prepared to face Stroming Mechs, Stromling Admirals and Dark Ronin: they won’t give up the Property without a fight!

Build your own Zoo or wild Safari … with your own Pets!
Are you an animal lover like Coalessa? Stop by Brick Annex to see Autumn Helix’ new wares! She’s stocked up her shop with cool new Zoo and Safari themed model sets! With over 80 new models, you can build your own Zoo or wild Safari on your new Nimbus Isle Property – with your own pets too!

That’s right! You will be able to place your beloved Pets on your Property! If you summon your Pet on your Property, your Pet will behave as it would anywhere else. The real magic happens when you place your Pet on your Property while in the Place Models mode! Now you can apply Behaviors, set Movement and even change the name of your Pet! Don’t worry, if you ever want your plastic companion back at your side in battle, you can always return the Pet model to your backpack. That is, unless you break your Pet model down in Brick mode! If you do, be ready to say sayonara to Fido.

There is so much in store. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates!

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Herochild said... [REPLY]

:D They used my idea for placing pets on the property!

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Your idea was indeed pretty cool! It had to be used sometime!

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