Best Action Screenshot Contest

| Mar 4, 2011
The LEGO Universe March contest has been announced, to win you simply have to take the best action screenshot, so wherever there's action, there's a chance to win! Speaking of winning, just what is it that the winners could win? Well the minifigures with the top three pictures will receive a full in game Bat Lord set, a copy of LEGO Universe and five LEGO sets, including the Shuttle Adventure set!

From the LEGO Universe site:
The March monthly contest is to take your best in-game action screenshot. Wherever there is action, you can take a screenshot! You can take pictures on your properties, in mini-games (like racing) – anywhere in LEGO Universe!

Submit your screenshot to us through the Creation Lab! Look for the challenge “Best Action LEGO Universe Screenshot” and upload your screenshot to us for judging. You may enter as many screenshots as you like, but can only win once. You have until March 31st to take the best action shot! Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges from the LEGO Universe Team. The panel of judges will choose the top 3 screenshots which capture exciting, action-packed moments. The most awe inspiring and epic action screenshots will win over £180 [about $290] of LEGO sets and the complete in-game Bat Lord set!

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