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| Mar 9, 2011
Has this ever happened to you? You go to your pack looking for your special Thrust Bucket race car, and you cant find it! Your friends are waiting to start a race and you're frantically looking through your pack. Well, the answer is Buckets! Read this article from the LEGO Universe site to find out how.

By following these few easy steps, you can create separate Buckets for the Models you like the most, the ones you often need to have handy, or for your favorite Pets.

Here’s how:
1. Open your Backpack.
2. Go to your Models tab; the one with the image of three 2x2 bricks.
3. Click the “+” in the left hand corner of your Backpack.
4. Click the tiny “+ Add New” at the bottom of this screen, and you’ll get to name your new group of Models.
5. Drag the Models you need from your Backpack into your newly created Bucket.
6. And voilĂ , you’ve created a new Bucket for your Models!

All Models will still show up in your Models Backpack tab, but by creating Buckets it will be easier to find specific Models when you need them. Make Buckets for the Model Sets you are collecting, your rockets, cars, trees, or Mushroom Models! Also, be aware that you can do the same for Bricks! The procedure is exactly the same, so sort your Bricks to get a better overview of your Plates, Tiles and Beams.
Note that Buckets are somewhat intelligent (who would have known…) and actually recognize what kind of Models you are trying to collect in a Bucket. For instance, you only have to drag 2 Pets into one Bucket, before the rest of your Pets are automatically put into this Bucket as well.
Bucket up and invent a sorting system that suits your Backpack!
 Read the whole article here


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