Safe Trading Tips + LEGO Universe Email

| Feb 23, 2011
Did you just get a spare Elite Broadsword off that Maelstrom Infected Ape? Have two Explorien Bot Shirts? Want to buy a Mosiac Jester Wand to complete your set? Here is a guide on how to trade, and trade safely, in LEGO Universe.
Starting a trade is very easy – walk up to the Minifigure you want to trade with, press CTRL and select Trade from the menu on the right hand of the screen.
A window will open up with two sides. The left represents your offer, the right is what the other person is offering.
You can drag and drop an item from your backpack into your side of the window.
As long as your side of the window is NOT green, the other person can NOT take your item.
This is an important fact to note – until your side of the window is green, your item is still yours. This gives you a chance to discuss the trade and add or remove items.
Until you are happy with the trade, you should never click the Trade button. Clicking the Trade button indicates that you are ready to trade. If either you or the other Minifigure changes what is in the window after you have hit trade, the window will change from green back to gray and you will have to accept the trade again.
Do not let anyone convince you that you need to hit Trade unless you are ready to give away your item or coins.

In the above picture, you can see that Elementron has offered an Explorien Bot Shirt and Imaginatrix has offered 200 coins. Imaginatrix has also clicked "Trade", indicating she is happy with the transfer. If Elementron clicks "Trade" he will accept the offer and receive 200 coins, Imaginatrix will receive the shirt.
The steps to trade are easy:
1. Hit CTRL and select trade when you are next to the person you want to trade.
2. Add the coins or items you want to the left hand side of the trade window.
3. Do not hit Trade until the other person has put something you want in the right hand window.
Here are a few hints to trading:
1. Don't let anyone talk you into clicking "Trade". If you don't like the terms, you can always click the "X" in the corner to cancel the trade.
2. Make sure that the items you want from the trade is showing in the trade window before clicking "Trade".
3. If you have clicked "Trade" and the other person changes their offer, your window will change to gray again – make sure the changed offer is something you still want.
Trading is a fun part of LEGO Universe, but always trade with caution!

The most recent LEGO Universe email has been sent out, it includes information about the battle for Nimbus Station plus information about new LEGO Universe contests!
3/4-3/31 – March Screenshot Comic Contest - Team Battles!
 •  3/11-3/13 – Avant Gardens Survival Contest!
 •  3/18-3/20 – Action Screenshot Weekend!

Prizes include sets from the Ninjago, Hero Factory and Castle themes!


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