Play Fair or Pay the Price

| Feb 11, 2011
From the LEGO Universe site
Recently we banned several players who have been using hacks or third party programs to gain unfair advantages in LEGO Universe. Starting Monday, February 14, we will ban anyone who is caught using cheats or hacks.

Most of you have never used cheats and have nothing to worry about. If you have used cheats in the past, then this is your chance to rediscover your LEGO spirit and start playing fair. Remove any external programs or hacks that affect your game play by the end of this week.

Cheating is not good sportsmanship, and it is very unfair to all of the Minifigures who play by the rules. In LEGO Universe, no Minifigure should miss out on a great contest prize or a 1st place in a Minigame that they have earned fair and square, because someone else is cheating!

If you have any questions about what is considered cheating, hacking or the rules of fair play, please post them on the LEGO Universe message board , and we’ll answer them as best we can!


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