Netdevil Sells LEGO Universe

| Feb 25, 2011
Netdevil has just sold LEGO Universe project and its development team to the LEGO Group, here's the official article from the LEGO website:
The LEGO team is adding a few more bricks to the foundation of LEGO Universe! We’re welcoming members of NetDevil - the amazing game developers from Colorado that help make LEGO Universe a reality - to The LEGO Group. They know MMOGs like no one else, and now they’re officially part of the LEGO family. Join us in welcoming them, and celebrating the future of LEGO Universe

In another article found on a different site I found this:

The Lego Group has acquired Lego Universe -- and most of the NetDevil developers who were part of the project. A Gazillion representative explained to Joystiq that before Gazillion's acquisition of NetDevil, NetDevil had already begun Lego Universe as a work-for-hire project, and now Lego has bought the rights from Gazillion for Lego Universe itself.
What does this mean for LU? Hopefully now that the LEGO Group owns the whole thing, they will be adding more LEGO to LEGO Universe. Since, I for one have been slightly disappointed by the transition away from the early concept art to a darker, more infected Universe.


Gatanui said... [REPLY]

I think the decision of the transition to a darker game was necessary. Before the Maelstrom concept was created, the game had no plot at all, and I don't think that would have worked well. Although I would love to see characters and models from more old themes in the game.

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

Yeah I agree with you Gatanui, they needed that something. I really think they need to add more actual LEGO things in the game. Some improvements are the fact that they included an Explorien Bot items, and Basil the Bat Lord in the game already. But so far I haven't seen any real LEGO sets so far. Still, I think they are getting a bit too absorbed in that concept and need to stick to their very first idea.

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

This is a new link to some more info about Master Builder Academy.

Wooton said... [REPLY]

I agree with both of you guys, I think the maelstrom is necessary but it seems that as you go along in LU each world gets darker and darker. AG is bright, with the only dark spot being the spider cave, GF has a few dark spots, FV is completely gloomy. CP, from what I've seen is totally dark with a little bit of light around the Ninjago place. I understand the need to make each place bigger and better than the one before it, but looking at the concept art it really seems like we're missing out on the fun and somewhat sillyness of pretty much all the LEGO games I've ever played

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

Yeah I agree with you. I think GF is a almost perfect mix of Maelstrom and Nexus Force. It has some mellow, cheery parts, but also has some dark parts too. Also, when you said Crux was dark, that's a huge understatement. It is swarming with Maelstrom on the ground, has dark, nearly black skies, and all that is sitting in a pool of Maelstrom in space. Even the Ninjago place still has a good view of the sea of Maelstrom.

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