LEGO Minifigues Collector Game for iPhone and iPod Touch

| Feb 8, 2011
The LEGO Group has released a new game in the iTunes App Store.

Collect all unique LEGO ® Minifigures!

Are you ready to collect them all? Then have some fun with this Minifigures collector. It works like a simple slot machine game. Slide the LEGO ® stud to get the minifigures parts rolling. Match all the 3 pieces of a minifigure and make it a part of your personal collection!”
Happy collecting!

• 32 unique Minifigures in version 1.0 and more to come in application updates
• Show your collection to your friends and family
• Access to Bios for all 32 Minifigures characters (version 1.0)
• Mix and match body parts to create hilarious Minifigures hybrids
• 3D Graphics bring the Minifigures to life
• Intuitive control - slide to scroll the minifigures heads, bodies and legs


Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

This game is pretty boring :-(
It's like a slot machine, where you slide a LEGO brick and then hope that the head, body and legs of the correct minifigure show up. When you get a correct match then that figure is added to your 'collection'. The game gets old really quickly, especially when you match up a minifigure you already have in your collection. At least it's free.

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