Get Building In Avant Grove With Four All-New Model Sets!

| Feb 21, 2011
Have you ever felt the urge to build a robot ranch? When The Battle of Nimbus Station begins on February 23, you will be able to collect 4 sparkling fresh Model Sets!
Visit the Model Vending Machine, located behind the munching picnickers at the Avant Gardens Launch Area, and buy some cool Farm or Mech Bay Models, and then go building on your new and bigger Avant Grove Property right next door!

Build a honky-dory ranch from the new Farm Model Set, and also vend some wooden Fort walls to build fencing for your animals. Maybe a chicken will be driving your new Farm pickup truck, while Stromlings spawn from the Farm horse trailer? Watch out, the itchy chickens are taking on the fight against the Maelstrom!

If you’re more into robots, then the Mech Bay Model Set might be your next investment. We have stock loaded the vending machine with Mech Bay Ball-Bot Base (try saying that 3 times in a row!) power generators, sensor towers and energy fences. Blip bing! Need we say more?

New Property Missions and Achievements will be added on the 23rd as well! If you love building, playing with Behaviors and visiting Properties, you now have 4 new daily Missions and 3 Achievements to work on, which will reward you princely! Faction Tokens, Mega Brick Booster Packs and the all-new Doom Star and Micro City Models are amongst the goodies you can get!

The calm Ninja fortress is already in-game. These Model parts can be yours by doing Missions and Achievements in Forbidden Valley. Build your own Zen garden of tranquility, or who knows, you might decide to convert it into a fantastic training facility, and submit it for this month’s Building Contest , which runs until February 28!
Speaking of building, Robot City is also coming on the 23rd! Built by the talented World Builder League, this new Starbase 3001 zone takes you to a planet inhabited by robots. Some of them are infected, so watch out! Complete Missions and get hold of some fantastic new robotic rocket parts!
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