Crux Prime: Area Guide

| Feb 3, 2011
To prepare you for the rocky roads of Crux Prime, here’s a run-through of each of the areas discovered yet. Common for them all: advance with extreme caution!

Sentinel Point Zeta
The Sentinel Faction has set up a landing zone for Minifigures who are just arriving for the fight! Check in with the Sentinel sergeants on duty, then gear up and team up for battle!

Studburst Pass
To the left of Sentinel Point Zeta, you can get a well-deserved breather in Studburst Pass. Keep an eye out for a wandering vendor named Heimlich Stewblaster. No one knows what he’s doing out there, but he sure sells some useful – and tasty – items!
Maelstrom Quarry
On the far side of the pass, you find the Maelstrom Quarry. Here lurks a new menace – the Skeletons! They appear to be mining for pure, concentrated Maelstrom! Beware of all Skeleton creatures, but in particular, you might want to look out for Nuckal. With his bony axe and glowing red eye, he oversees the Skeletons’ mining efforts.

Ninjago Monastery Ruins
Past the Skeleton-infested quarry you’ll find the Ninjago Monastery Ruins. These Ruins sit on a planet chunk which crashed into Crux Prime a few weeks ago. And shortly afterward, the Skeletons arrived! The ruins are inhabited by wise Sensei Wu and a beautiful vendor named Sakura Moonstone. Wu watches over the Ninjago Scrolls, which contain valuable information about the mystical Art of Spinjitzu.
Aura Mar
Despite its pleasant name, this area is in fact a churning sea of dark Maelstrom, which is crashing against the planet’s edge. The first Venture League scouts who came through Aura Mar deployed some shortcuts to help you get across the chasms piercing this section. Aura Mar is also the hub of Butterscorch, a ferocious Maelstrom Dragon Invader! If you get lost, look to the sky and find the shining beacon of Nexus Tower. Head in that direction to return to Sentinel Point Zeta.

Caldera Mar
Caldera Mar is located at the other end of Studburst Pass. At first sight, this area looks like floating chunks of rock. But look down, and you see swarms of Maelstrom creatures in the burning hot pit below! It’s also the home of the Stromling Ape Invader Roo Morgg!

Any Minifigure facing the challenges of Crux Prime is bound to get a bit dizzy and disoriented at times! Take care on your adventures!

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