Crux Prime Release

| Feb 7, 2011
A lot of exciting stuff is coming tomorrow! In addition to Crux Prime the teaming feature will become available as well as the Avant Grove property! Snowballs taking up too much space in your pack? Now you can delete stacks and get rid of them in no time!
There are a lot more exciting things which you can read about here

EDIT: A new article has also been released:
Checklist for Crux Prime
Courage? Check. Team spirit? Check. Favorite Shoulder Parrot? Check! There are a few additional things you need to be aware of before rocketing off for Crux Prime. Here’s the list:
Select the Right Gear
You do not have to be Rank 3 to survive on Crux Prime, but powerful gear is advised. Test your level by going to Gnarled Forest to take out a Maelstrom Ape and some Admirals, or you can fly off to Forbidden Valley and check your abilities against a Maelstrom Horseman and a few Dark Ronin. If you’ve got this covered, your skill level should be a-okay!
Stock up on Imagination
Have you found all of the blue Imagination bricks on the worlds you’ve explored so far? Imagination Spinjitzu will be your most powerful weapon against the Skeletons – and Imagination Spinjitzu requires a robust amount of …Imagination. The more Imagination you have, the longer you’ll be able to Spinjitzu the bones off those Skeletons! Check your Passport to see which Achievements will give you additional Imagination.
Find Kurt Tussle
Make sure you know where Nexus Force Guard Kurt Tussle is located, as he will be your point of contact when you want to blast off for Crux Prime. He’ll have two initial missions for you to complete before he can let you use the Crux Prime launch pad – the missions will be ready for you on February 8th.
Stop by the Race Place in Nimbus Station, so you know where to go when the time comes. Kurt shouldn’t be too hard to find, just look for a serious-looking Minifigure wearing a knight’s helmet
Know your Knacks
Ponder your special talents. Are you a skilled builder? Do you have healing powers? Can you defend your teammates? Some of the dangerous missions on Crux Prime will require collaboration, so knowing what you’re good at will be a great advantage when teaming up. You’ll be able to start a team when Crux Prime opens, so make sure to pack your team spirit when you blast off!
Start Saving
New colors of Rank 3 gear will be available at your Faction Vendor in Nimbus Station. The new sets will be priced the same as the current Rank 3 sets. If you want to sport a new piece or two on Crux Prime, you might want to start saving Faction Tokens and coins now! And remember, you can mix and match colors and still get Multi-Item bonuses!
Sort your Backpack
You’re bound to find many new items and cool outfits on Crux Prime, so maybe now’s the time to do an early spring cleaning, and sort the stuff you’ve got in your Backpack and sell the things you no longer need. Remember, currently there are more than 100 Backpack slots to be had by doing Missions and Achievements throughout LEGO Universe!
Also make sure that you’ve renewed your LEGO Universe membership, so you have time to explore all of Crux Prime! After you’ve checked these things off your list, your next move is to go save Imagination when Crux Prime opens tomorrow!

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Sim533 said... [REPLY]

There are coming a lot of missions with the biggest world ever. If you have any questions, then feel free to ask. Wooton or I or any other Minifig will be able to answer your question!

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