The Avant Grove Property: Your new and bigger piece of planet!

| Feb 2, 2011
With its rugged cliffs, towering trees and lush green grass, Avant Grove is the perfect location for your next architectural masterpiece. Or fireworks facility. Or lion’s cave. Or gigantic mousetrap! With about twice the space as the other properties in LEGO Universe, Avant Grove should be spacious enough for even the most lofty and visionary builders in the Universe!

For your viewing pleasure, we have had Dr. Overbuild show you what can be done with all of this extra space! Here’s the Block Yard property:

Now, compare it to the much roomier Avant Grove property:

See the difference? A Skeletal fortress would look frightfully astonishing against this new big and bold backdrop!

The launchpad for Avant Grove is conveniently located behind the picnickers and Brick Vendor Darby Snapwish at the Launch Area in Avant Gardens.

Avant Grove Property Guard Argo Butterchunks will send you on a mission to find the Imagination Orb, but beware, you’ll have to battle Stromlings, Dark Spiderlings and Maelstrom Mechs to claim this fine-looking chunk!

Brick up and get ready to build!

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