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| Jan 18, 2011
From the LEGO UNIVERSE Community pages:

Gear-wise, there is exciting news to report. The classic Rank 3 gear will be coming in new colors. This gives you more options to be unique! Tired of looking like all the other Rank 3 Sorcerers? Pick up some new red Rank 3 Sorcerer gear to mix with the original black. These new pieces of gear cost the same amount of Faction Tokens as the current Rank 3 gear. You can mix and match as much as you want and still get the Rank 3 multi-item bonuses! Both specalities of all four Factions will receive new colors.

Go to your Faction vendor after the launch of Crux Prime to get your yellow hands on the magnificent re-colored gear. Get out there, personalize your Rank 3 outfit, and explore Crux Prime in style!

While the Rank 3 gear will be useful against many of the challenges you will face in Crux Prime, you will still need to learn the Art of Spinjitzu if you wish to tackle skeletons. Search for the old Sensei at the ruins in Crux Prime to learn this mysterious skill. However, you will want to either keep your Rank 3 gear handy, or get new gear, as Spinjitzu is not effective against other Maelstrom foes.

You will find new gear on Crux Prime and in new missions, including the new Mosaic and Bat Lord sets. These new sets are not reliant on Faction – anyone can wear them, but the more pieces you wear the better set bonus you receive, just like Faction gear!

There are also a lot of new consumables and other fantastic things to find! Keep your eyes open for that next piece of treasure!

To the Universe!


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

the lego star wars site has had some changes, dunno if anyone saw.

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