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| Jan 3, 2011
There is a new comic builder at the LEGO city site. Go check it out and create your own comic.

You can save your comics online and print them out. You cannot share them yet. It is unknown if it ever will come. The layout of the comic builder is hinting me into the direction of Octopus. (To the pictures that I already saw)  But it is unknown if those will be together sometime... It can be that they just used the same layout.

Tip - 1

Use captions to add action and movement to your stories…

Tip - 2

Use keyboard shortcuts!

Use the cursor keys to move objects.

P -> Print
Z -> Zoom in/out
I -> Grow
K -> Shrink
J -> Rotate left
L -> Rotate right

Help - 3

Make your Minifigures talk (and think and scheme) with speech and thought balloons.


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

ninjago site has changed, no longer the version with the 4 cards.

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