Check out the Skeleton Dragon Pet

| Jan 25, 2011
From the LEGO Universe News Network:

Dear Builders of the Universe,

While the Skeletons on Crux Prime may seem quite fearsome at first, we’ve discovered that we can actually use the bones they leave behind!

First, seek out the wise Sensei Wu in the mysterious Monastery Ruins on Crux Prime. He will challenge you with a mission to find and tame a Skeleton Dragon Pet. It may look ugly, but it is especially helpful for digging up certain buried bones!

Mardolf the Orange, clever wizard that he is, has learned how to fashion these bones into wonderful and frightening creations!

How frightening, you ask? Well just imagine the screams when you land in Nimbus Station on a Starskull, Terror Comet or Morbid Orbit rocket! Or as you go tearing through Keelhaul Canyon in the Fright Speed race car! And if you really want to bone up on your building skills, seek out the terrifying Skeleton Model Set hidden throughout Crux Prime!

Finally, if you’re looking for a place to unleash these fresh new horrors, might I suggest the new, larger Avant Grove Property? It’s sized for those of you with big Imaginations – and the bricks to match! And who knows, maybe those blue skies and green grass might make a towering Skeleton Fortress actually seem livable!

The best way to overcome the Maelstrom menace and the Skeletons is to keep building and use your Imagination!

Dr. Overbuild,

Assembly Faction Leader.

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Wooton said... [REPLY]

Teams are finally being released in CP!

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