Minifigures Website got updated by Series 3

| Dec 7, 2010
Collect all 16 unique LEGO minifigures from Series 3!

With 16 all-new minifigures, Series 3 adds even more collectable figures to the growing LEGO Minifigure Collection! Each minifigure comes in a sealed “mystery” bag, so you never know which minifigure you might get. However, a picture of every minifig is available at the site. Series 3 has the following minifigs: Tennis Player, Hula Dancer, Space Alien, Samurai Warrior, Sumo Wrestler, Rapper, Fisherman, Tribal Chief, Snowboarder, Elf, Race Car Driver, Pilot, Baseball Player, Mummy, Space Villain, Gorilla Suit Guy.


JohnnyThunder2468 said... [REPLY]

I got the Elf, Alien, Snowboarder, Racecar driver, mummy, Sumo wrestler, and Hula dancer!


C-Fish said... [REPLY]

@JohnnyThunder2468 Nice. Do you like 'em?

JohnnyThunder2468 said... [REPLY]

Yeah, I like them alot, especially the Elf and Alien. I got the rest a couple days ago.


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