Lego Club Website officialy updated!

| Dec 15, 2010
The LEGO Club page has just been updated! Go check it out!


NOTE: The Clubcode MAGAWARD has been deleted out of the database, so nobody can obtain this badge anymore, or somebody should have the cache link saved.

From the website:

Take a look at the new Interactive Magazine in the Behind the Bricks section to see LEGO Club Magazine come to life with animation, sounds and interactive games and puzzles!

Are you a fan of LEGO Club TV? Then the first thing you’re likely to notice in the Videos section is our new video format, with quicker and easier access to the latest LEGO Club videos and the archive of past videos!

You’ll still find all of the latest exclusive building steps , LEGO stories , Cool Creations and more – and now you’ll also find a quick shortcut on the main page to some of our Top-Rated Content, so you can see what everybody’s talking about today!

So take a look around the all-new You might just want to stay a while!


C-Fish said... [REPLY]

Well, I've already got the Lego Club Rank 1 badge. (Whew... :)

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

All Club Codes before the recent issue have been deleted. And again you were faster than I was. :P I was just loading the MLN Blog thinking "I think it is getting time to post about the new" when I saw your entry. :P

Binbin Castro said... [REPLY]

Here is the cached link to get the LEGO Club magazine Badge:

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

@Binbin Castro

Thank you, you will be awarded with some MLN blog points, if you can tell us what your LEGO ID name is. :)

ToaBinbin said... [REPLY]

I am ToaBinbin on MLN. Please click on my Race Track Module, Rank 1.

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