Just News (LU and Chrismas News)

| Dec 14, 2010
1.   "This December there’s Frostburgh, a special new area for the ‘Frostivus’ holidays, complete with snowball fights and other icy escapades! Soon NEXUS TOWER, a whole huge new area will be opening up. The adventure never ends!"

I copied this from an article on the LEGO Club website, which means that this is official. Hurrah! 
2.  Today, a new article was released on the LU news station. It is about the new system that recently was released in the game. How rare is each item? In the article is explained how you can find out. The explaination can be found in this wonderfull article: http://universe.lego.com/en-us/community/newsnetwork/story.aspx?id=256404
3.    What do you wish for Christmas? Maybe you want the space shuttle as well. I really like to have this set. Anyway, a LEGO wish list that can be printed on a paper can be found on the website of the LEGO Club Magazine. You have up to 10 places to write your favorites sets. I think that everyone has enough with 10 lines. Who need more then 10 sets. I think that having 2 sets of that list is good enough. Here you can find the wish list ready to print: Wish List 
4.  Still 2 weeks until Christmas? That's still a long time. :/ LEGO thought of everything. In the meantime you can build your own mini sets. LEGO has designed 11 minisets. Building instructions for those 11 sets were posted on this shop@home page.

5.  Now that we are talking about presents! The MLN blog will give a reward to each winner of each path of the NinjaGo Contest tomorrow! The contest is still running! The current winners as now are Gatanui, Cheshirecat150, Hobino, Eric3004. But it's not to late to beat their score, although that every path has already high scores. Try to beat their score, and enter your score along with a screenshot of your score. Otherwise your entry is invalid. Good luck, everyone. Oh, the game for this competition can be found here (hidden behind the third card) and the competition page is here. On the competition page can the entry form be found, so you can enter your hopefully amazing scores! 


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