Winter by us, frostivus in LEGO Universe!

| Nov 24, 2010
From the News Network at Lego Universe!

Frostburgh is a quaint village on a comet that is zooming around Nimbus Station. Once a year, the comet’s orbit brings it close enough to Nimbus Station to defrost. In Frostburgh, you will meet Sneezy Icewhisker and Sugarplum Fritz who will hand out new missions and rewards. Peppermint Lane is also presiding over a frozen Vertigo Loop Racetrack.  Make sure to throw snowballs at your friends!

 As the comet bearing Frostburgh moves in its orbit and comes closer to Nimbus Station, it defrosts and the village comes alive!  However, its orbit will eventually move it back into the deep freeze of outer space, inaccessible to Minifigures.

 Sneezy Icewhisker, the Wizard of Frostburgh, and his toy-making assistant Sugarplum Fritz, will have plenty of new Missions and Daily Missions to accomplish. Some of the Missions reward Candy Canes that can be used to buy new Frostivus-themed Reward Models and Items.

 Peppermint Lane will also introduce to a winter version of the Vertigo Loop Racetrack. You may think you know the Vertigo Loop, but try racing on slick ice while being attacked by evil Snowmen!

Need a break from racing or Missions? Start a snowball fight! You will find plenty around – so you should never be without a handy snowball to pelt your friends!

The Frostivus festival starts next week as Frostburgh defrosts and will stay around for only a few months. Make it part of your holiday tradition!


adams2121 said... [REPLY]

Hey guys,

Im sorry for not being as "involved" as I once was. I have had alot going on. I have "debated on whether or not to create a blog that focuses on EVERYTHING L.U. So, Vanderdecken with your premisson I would like to create a NEW lego based blog on nothing but L.U. I would also like to "invite" you, and ALL the "other" members of the MLN BETA TEAM to "join" me in managing this blog. So, will you guys join me in creating the BEST L.U.BLOG EVER?!?!

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

Hey I also had a lot going on, but that "lot" was for LU :P. But I was in Alpha, in Beta, and I have the game now. So can I help you guys out with the blog too?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Hello all, we are currently discussing if we take the deal or not. Don't start to yell here that you want to help as well. We will first see if we accept the deal. :)


So, who is going to buy the game because of this?

Gatanui said... [REPLY]

I am not going to buy the game. I already have. :P

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

I wont, but I would love too. Frostivus world look awesome!

Sim533 said... [REPLY]


Hello adams2121. We have decided to reject the deal. Simple based on the next facts. We already rejected a deal when LEGO Universe in beta was. Somebody others had created a blog, with the same purpose and he asked if we could join.... We didn't took the deal. That is the reason we don't accept yours either. The second reason because we reject it, is because we also bring the LU news. We don't need to bring it on 2 blogs.

Hope you understand us in our choice!

This doesn't take away that you couldn't start with your awesome blog!

See you in the Universe!


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