Return to the Venture Explorer! + Race challenge!

| Nov 27, 2010
Not in the holiday spirit? That’s okay! The Nexus Force need you to return to the Venture Explorer to find some data files. The only problem? The Maelstrom has overtaken the crippled vessel.

Once you have completed Sky Lane’s missions, she will ask you to return to the Venture Explorer. Epsilon Starcracker is already on board and needs your help retrieving critical data.
After completing his Missions, return each day for a Daily Mission for more rewards! Expect a challenge; the Return to Venture Explorer is a challenge for higher-ranking Nexus Force members. The Maelstrom will not give up the Venture Explorer’s secrets easily.
In addition to new Missions, Achievements and gear, the original Venture Explorer Achievements are available if you did not complete them! Return to Venture Explorer next week!
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Think you are the master of the Venture Explorer Loop Race Track? Now’s the time to prove it. Every lap you run this weekend (November 27th to November 28th) will count – the top 20 racers will be determined by individual lap times. The top 20 racers will all win the Airport Cart model and 10 faction tokens. Winners will also receive additional coins based on their standing:

First Place: 3000 coins
Second Place: 1500 coins
Third Place: 750 coins
Fourth and Fifth Place: 375 Coins
Sixth through Tenth Place: 200 Coins
Tenth and up: 100 Coins

The Rules!

  1. To win, you must race on the Venture Explorer Loop Race Track between 12:01 AM EST (5:01 AM CET) Saturday, November 27th and midnight EST (5:00AM CET) Sunday, November 28th. After this time-period we will determine the top 20 winners based on individual lap times – the lower the lap time the better.
  2. The in-game leader boards will not be used in this event, we are only looking at a specific time (this weekend).
  3. Race as much as you want! We will only be looking at the best 20 lap times.
  4. Winners will receive their prizes via in-game email.
Good luck!
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