Podcast 10

| Nov 9, 2010
Podcast 10: Natalie Breez talks about life as a Rookie Hero

"Rookie Hero Natalie Breez talks about being one of 140,000 female Heroes from the Hero Factory, and brings a clip from one of her latest missions." 

The 10th Hero Factory FM podcast has been released!Thanks for letting us know, C-Fish. 20 blogger points have been added.

EDIT: Added by Sim533. I just played 4 new worlds in LU. There are 14 new missions, 3 in each world. Have fun exploring!


tradeylouish said... [REPLY]

I was having a look at Brickipedia and found links to some pictures of upcoming Hero factory sets. They were on Eurobricks, and I don't know where they got the pictures from. The images do say "CONFIDENTIAL 2010 The LEGO Group Not to be copied or disclosed PRELIMINARY IMAGE" So I don't know if I should leave the links. The post was from 23 September though.... You may have found this already. I'll post the link if you ask me to.

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