Hehe, some LU updates for next week. :-)

| Nov 5, 2010
Anybody that is playing LU! Here is an update on what will come next week to LU.

- A new maintenance window.
- 60 new models
- A new contest!
- 2 new worlds (not sure)

In the night between Monday and Tuesday, the LU game will be unavailable for a few hours for each server.
This is because of a new update that will come with the new models ( more information below ), fixes for all the glitches, and more good stuff. :D

Here are the exact times for the 3 universes:

Overbuild Universe (US) : 3 – 5 AM Tuesday EST.
Storm Universe (UK) : 22.00 Monday – 00.00 Tuesday GMT.
Exeter Universum (DE) : 23.00 Monday – 01.00 Tuesday CET.
Are you thinking about doing some travel during the holiday season? Next week LU will have over 60 exciting new models – enough to build your own airport!

For the next two months, Autumn Helix in Brick Annex will be selling the Airport models instead of the Fort models. If you do not have the Fort models, you may want to stock up now – they won’t return until the New Year. =D

The new Airport models include everything you would find at an airport – airplanes, helicopters, fuel trucks, even a control tower!

We will also be hosting weekly contests with prizes from the Airport set and the first contest starts today! Read the "LEGO Universe Photography Contest" information below and learn how you can win a Helicopter model for your property.

Keep checking Universe.LEGO.com for more information on the latest updates to LEGO Universe!
This blog will keep you updated on this as well. :D
Have you seen the view from the highest stage in Red Blocks? Spoken to the pirates of Pirate of the Pirate Camp? Battled the Dragons in the Dragon’s Den? Then we have a contest for you!

Between November 5th and November 12th take a screen capture of your favorite LEGO Universe locations and email them to community @ legouniverse.com. Your image can be one of 5 winners in 4 different categories: Funniest, Best Action, Most Creative, or Most Unique. That’s right – 20 winners in total!

If you are a winner, you will receive an in-game Helicopter model from the upcoming Airport set. You will also receive a booster of 10 tokens for your faction (make sure you have joined a faction before receiving your prize).
You can take a picture from any place in the game including personal properties!

Got the perfect shot lined up? Here is how to submit your winning entry from a PC:
1. Please press Alt+Print Scrn on your keyboard when you have the perfect scene.
2. Open MSPaint, click on Edit and then on Paste.
3. Save the file as a JPG by using the drop down menu and have your parents email it to community @ legouniverse.com along with your Minifigure’s name and server (Overbuild (US), Storm Universe (UK) or Exeter Universum (German)).

Have a Mac? Here is how to take a winning picture!
1. Hold down the"CMD"and"SHIFT"keys.
2. Press the number"3"key. The screenshot will automatically be saved to your desktop.
3. Have your parents email it to community @ legouniverse.com along with your Minifigure’s name and server (Overbuild (US), Storm Universe (UK) or Exeter Universum (German)).

Q: How do I tell you which category I want to enter my picture in to?
A: You don’t have to, we will judge each picture based on the four categories of funniest, best action, most creative and most unique.

Q: How will I know if have won?
A: We will contact winners within 2 weeks of the contest ending and send prizes to your in-game email.

Q: What server can participate?
A: All of them!

Q: Is there a limit to the number of entries I can send in?
A: Yes, please limit yourself to your best 10 pictures.

Have more questions? Please ask in this thread!

Now go take some amazing pictures!
We heard of Ekingsley, the team leader of the A-team and developer of Moonbase, that probably Moonbase will be released next week (Tuesday). If moonbase comes, then Starbase will come also.

However, no promise on that, the Maelstrom can always make problems. It is possible that it gets delayed.
See you in the Universe


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Airport models, awesome! I could probably check in the LU folder to see the models if they put them in LDD files, well when they will have update the game.

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