New Minifigure Game

| Oct 27, 2010
Ready to battle for martial-arts mastery in the Karate Championship? First, choose the Minifigure that you’ll use to play the game. When the game begins, barrels will start rolling, bouncing and flying down the screen! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard (left, right, up and down) to make your Minifigure walk left or right, make a jumping kick, or duck low to the ground. You can kick the barrels to smash them or try to duck under them – just don’t let them hit you, or you’ll have to start the level again! Each level will get tougher than the last one. Complete all the levels and you’ll earn a special reward. Good luck!

Cheatcode is "123" for the users that like to do that. :P
                     ^^ Highlight it and it will appear.


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