New Minifigure Game!

| Oct 19, 2010
Who is the best spear thrower? Well, get your spear out and show us what you can do. In the new Minifigure game called " Spartan Thrower " you can prove yourself the best.

First, choose the Minifigure that you’ll use to play the game. Your goal is to pick up enough speed to hit objects on the field with your spear. Hit the space bar to run – the faster and more times you press it, the faster your Minifigure will run and the further he will throw his spear! When you reach the throw line, your Minifigure will automatically throw his spear. Run too slowly or too quickly and you’ll miss the targets and have to start the level again! Hitting more challenging targets will earn you more points. Complete all the levels and you’ll earn a special reward. Good luck!

There is also a cheat code for users who can't complete the game. The cheat code is "123" and you need to enter that every level. This will add a balloon above the items. If you can throw your spear into the balloon then you will also clear the level.

What is your score in the game? Let's see who the best spear thrower is!


CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

I'm not at all impressed by this game. There is hardly any strategy involved. My score was 22.

Eragon.Saphira said... [REPLY]

I got 24 points on my third attempt :-)
I agree, this game is rather boring. Though it would make a good iPod Touch game. I wonder when or if LEGO will release iPod Touch games?
BTW: I am finally back on MLN. I had to reset my browser so that I could log in.

kiddy4683 said... [REPLY]

Hi guys i am back after a very long break and i have to say i agee with the two comments above that the game is boring.

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