Mindblowing robots on display at LEGOWORLD, Zwolle.

| Oct 28, 2010
"Once again the LEGO MINDSTORMS fans went far beyond expectations with the fantastic models they displayed at LEGOWORLD in Zwolle, Holland, October 20th to 28th.

"The LEGO MINDSTORMS team visited LEGOWORLD and was truly amazed with the inventions created by the LEGO Mindstorms fans. All aspect of robots were shown and demonstrated to great interest for the thousands of visitors at LEGOWORLD Zwolle. Big complex robotic machines and small simple robots were shown as well as wheeled, tracked and walking robots. Robotic games were played and flying machines, production lines, space explorers and Makerbots were demonstrated. Apparently, there is no end to what our fans can do with LEGO MINDSTORMS!"

Read more about it here. There you will also find a link to check out more pictures.


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