Will the dupers (Chase and GRLAG) stay on the top ten?

| Sep 23, 2010
As many of you already saw, 3 users passed GLRAG already. Nottoold, (a good friend of mine), CC150, and myself. :) I really hope that GLRAG will get off the list, as he became on the list using dupes... It is the same for Chase7007, he became on the list by duping. We really hope that MLN will be free of dupers again.

Definition dupe: Dupes are multiple accounts that can be used to give yourself clicks.
This is strictly against the rules.

Play MLN safe, get in touch and trade with your friends, do click trades, trade on our market, or much other things you can do in this safe environement. But please, never dupe! It is making MLN not great anymore...


Anonymous said... [REPLY]

crazyracer guy has been there forever, i think since mln has started.

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

He has been there for quite some time, yes. However, as far as we know, crazyracerXtreme is not a duper and actually a big fan of LEGO.

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

How do you guys know if someone is a duper or not?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

If someone suddenly appear in the top ten list, then you know how late it is. Chase and GLRAG live in the same country, were in the list the same week, and it only took one week to get on the top, which is almost impossible without duping.

Sponge6789(REAL) said... [REPLY]

hey did you guys notice the shop has a new system for ratings and comments.


mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

ohhh ok I get it thanks. By the way, the club show 6.2 is out!

troyergoldman said... [REPLY]

GRLAG is off.

oldman said... [REPLY]

Randomly I found another My LEGO Network news site. I thought there was some good ideas for contests or stuff like that.


(No, I am not a member of the blog, I've not been asked to do this or anything like that. I stumbled over it by mistake, just like I did with you guys and the MLN Guide.)

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I'm a member of MLNo, and I have to tell that the site isn't much related to MLN anymore. MLNo hasn't that many members anymore and is becoming less activer then this blog qua LEGO news.

troyergoldman said... [REPLY]


Correction: troyergoldman

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