LEGO Universe took the gamer crowd by storm at PAX

| Sep 13, 2010
Posted on the LEGO Universe News Network:

The last huge American industry event of the year, PAX (The Penny Arcade Expo) in Seattle, turned out to be everything LEGO® Universe had hoped for and more.

Everyone from hardcore cosplayers to families that enjoy gaming together stopped by the swarming LEGO Universe game kiosks to check out all the cool features in the game and share their enthusiasm with the team on the floor.

As we are getting closer to launch, the media schedule was just as packed and the reactions were overwhelming. A majority of the press turned out to be parents themselves, and emphasized how awesome it is to have a solid family MMO in the making.

During all three days we offered fun and entertaining giveaways, and chances are that somewhere in America right now, someone is looking really cool in a new LEGO Universe t-shirt!

Thank you, Wooton for reporting this! Blog points will be given later. :)


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

20 blog points were added, Wooton! Again, thank you for reporting!

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