Last Episode is out!

| Sep 21, 2010
The fifth and last episode of the Atlantis Adventure is out! It was first delayed, but now it is there finally! Go play it right now at

Be prepared for the sequel that will follow. At the end of the chapter, you see the following message:

Congratulations! You have discovered the long lost city of Atlantis, but your journey is far from over. Inside this majestic temple, a new adventure awaits Captain Ace Speedman and the rest of the Atlantis crew. Beware of the evil dark guardians that lurk inside. These villains stand between you and finding the ultimate treasure - THE GOLDEN KING! 

Stay tuned for the continuation of the Atlantis Adventure -THE QUEST FOR THE GOLDEN KING. Coming January 2011.


Yeastmaster said... [REPLY]

It is good !


Yeastmaster said... [REPLY]

I have just compelted the game. The next stage is The quest into the Golden City. Could this mean more Atlantis sets ?

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