New MLN Glitch

| Aug 8, 2010
Well, since Monday, I got a mysterious glitch on MLN. It happens every day again. I just want to know if some other users have this too?

1. I gave all my 100 clicks (normally most of the clicks to Cheshirecat150's page, because we have a 90/90 click trade everyday)
2. I check my public view a second time 3 hours after I clicked, and there I see that my click bar has been refilled... I can click again 100 times where I want. 
3. However, if I take a look again after 3 hours, the bar isn't refilled anymore. 
4. Next day, I begin again by step 1 and so on almost for every day. 

Now, did someone noticed the same glitch? 


Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I didn't do anything between those steps related to LEGO. So, it might be not a reward of something...

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

New glitches usully occur when the mods make a change to the site/game. Perhaps somebody should keep their eyes out for changes in the Network?

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