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| Aug 31, 2010
Over the years many fans have often wanted to come and visit the LEGO Group. This is now a possibility!

The LEGO group invites all fans to experience the LEGO Group behind the scenes. A 2½ day’s tour to Billund – Denmark, where you will meet designers, see the factory, visit the archive, receive a unique LEGO gift ... just to mention a few of the highlights.

LEGO Inside Tour Program Highlights:

Day One:
• 4pm - Official Welcome
- Meet LEGO Model Designers:
- Learn about their daily work at the LEGO Group.
- Participate in a LEGO themed building event.
- Discuss your individual LEGO building experience.
• 7pm - Dinner at the Hotel with the LEGO Designers

Day Two:
•9:00am - Visit Ole Kirks House
-Learn about the history of the LEGO Group including the culture and values of the Company.
-Visit the historical collection of models dating back as far as 1932.
•1pm - Tour to the LEGO Factory “Kornmarken”.
- Walk around and see our fully automated moulding shop and warehouse. Explore other buildings and facilities in the LEGO Company.
•6.30pm - Dinner at LEGOLAND Western Town
•8pm – Coffee, cake and informal talk with the designers.

Day Three:
•9:30am - LEGOLAND® Billund Backstage Tour
-Go behind-the-scenes and see the secrets of LEGOLAND Park.
- Visit with the Model Designers.
- See the Light and Sound department.
-After the guided tour, explore the park and rides on your own!
•2pm - Finally, receive an exclusive LEGO gift!
- We won’t disclose what the gift is, but we can tell you that the gift is very special and made only for the LEGO Inside Tour guests.

LEGO Inside Tour Dates:

- Scheduled Tours:
May 11 – 13, 2011
May 25 – 27, 2011
June 15 – 17, 2011

•The number of guests per tour is limited to 20 participants. The Tour will only run with a minimum of 15 guests sign up.
•We recommend the participants to be a minimum of 7 years old due to safety and security.
•Bookings will be confirmed on a first-come first-served basis.

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