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| Jul 8, 2010
Posted on the LEGO Universe News Network; 

The E3 awards keep coming, and we are very proud to add yet another great win to our shiny collection. Zam, a highly recognized gaming site covering all the major massively multiplayer online role playing games, has awarded LEGO Universe Best Family Game at E3, 2010.

Zam are especially excited about “the depth and replayability of the game” as well as the fact that LEGO Universe is as safe as can be: “the developers are working hard to make this a game where parents who play games can introduce their kids to an MMO where they have no concern over questionable content”.

It’s incredibly exciting to be recognized as a top family game, and we hope to bring endless hours of fun, building and creativity into many families’ homes in the future.

And we are confident that we can deliver on the high expectations set by Zam: “LEGO Universe has it all at the moment, and we can only hope the game is as good when it is released as it showed at E3.

Thanks to Eric3004, for posting this.


CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

EVERYONE! Our next contest is now available. If we get more entries than we've ever gotten before (our record is 9), then everyone who entered will get an extra 10 blogger points! Check it out here.

Wooton said... [REPLY]

Sim and CC150, congrats on winning those contests!

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

What, wooton? What did we won?

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


Um... I believe LEGO Universe won that award, not the MLN Blog...

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

It could be something others also, so I'll leave it open for response.

Wooton said... [REPLY]

check the one of the sticky threads by Imaginatrix

Sim533 said... [REPLY]


Oh, NO! YAY!!!!!!!!! Yes, we won a prize with the Lego Universe Beta Competitions!

For everyone, not in beta.
Cheshirecat150 did won as 29th in the "Race to Win" contest and won 1 Limited Edition LEGO Universe Faction T-shirt.

And I won as 7th in the "THE COOLEST PROPERTY WINS" contest and won a little bit more.
-Winning entries to be featured on Community webpage after launch
-1 Copy of LEGO Universe online game signed by the developers.
-1 LEGO Basic Bricks set (#5574).

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I want to congratulate CC150!

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


Well, I guess I was mistaken! You're really lucky! Congratulations to both you can CheshireCat150! I was busy the weekend they were doing the contests. Oh well. At least I know the prizes are in good hands :)

Arin3 said... [REPLY]

Too bad the char wipe erased your property though Sim533 & Your Highscore CC150

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]


Why oh NO?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I just couldn't believe at that moment. ;-)

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Wooton, I had to reject that comment. The LU team took a picture of my property and would publish it soon!

Anonymous said... [REPLY]

Congratulations Sim533 and CheshireCat150! Hope you have fun when it comes out! ~Iamac1

LegoFan101 said... [REPLY]

Hey, uh, Sim? (Or another administrator of the blog.)

Is there any way you can disable the ads? Come of 'em are pretty raunchy (bad)...

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Sure, we can disable them, but the ad part is not my part of the blog. It's Vanderdecken's part, so you have to contact him, not me. =P

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