New creatures coming to Comic-Con!

| Jul 23, 2010

Posted on the LU news network: 
Comic-Con is the largest comic book convention in the world. The event showcases everything from comic books and science fiction to film, television, animation, toys and pop culture, including video games. It’s therefore the perfect place for LEGO® Universe to bring to life some of your inspiring creations!
On Sunday, July 25, creative minds behind LEGO Universe will take to the stage to give a special Comic-Con presentation! We recently posted a pet-building challenge on, and the development team was so impressed with the submissions that they have selected some to be featured in the stage demonstration.
Some sample creations from the Build a Pet Challenge:
Raptor By senjaz
Raptor by senjaz

Blue Frog by MFROG5
Blue Frog by MFROG5

The presentation will cover how LEGO fans have been involved with the development process, and will include a participant from the LUP (LEGO Universe Partners) program; a group of adult fans of LEGO helping to build content for the game. The creatures from the Creation Lab Build a Pet challenge
will then be incorporated into the live demo to show pets imagined and created by real fans—and possibly by YOU—come to life in a unique Comic-Con world.
Keep checking back here for more news about LEGO Universe at Comic-Con, and find out if your pet was chosen!

That is the article posted on the LU news network, of course we also keep you updated.


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