LEGO Technic - Vote for the best LEGO Space Creation

| Jul 21, 2010
As posted before, we had to check back on Wednesday. All participants have uploaded creations and 10 finalists have been selected, you can go and vote to help choose which is the best model!
You can vote until the end of the month! - Hurry up and go!

If you wish to vote for any of the contestants you need to sign in with your LEGO ID - you can only vote ONCE so choose carefully!

For which one are you choosing? 

Intergalactic Scout (IGS)

By: AZ_RobotLab


By: eeeeeee7777

the spacedriller

By: robin7520

Motorized Mars Rover

By: loganevanlegos

Mars Walker Machine

By: krickrac94

Lunar explorer

By: empereurlego

Mobile Resource Derrick

By: Doctor_McAwesome

Mars Rover

By: TLT803

Lunar robot

By: pinouch98

Moon Rock Harvester and Buggy

By: legobob3333


Fireballminers said... [REPLY]

Sim533 i have a message. So far i have only heard of 2 shark attack cheats on the blog. In case you dont know the four they are, Beans= Smelly Gas Mode, Sharkproof, dark.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Thank you! But we already have posted the 4 cheatcodes in a comment in the same post. =P

crackers5 said... [REPLY]

So many great entries to choose from! The spacedriller looks fantastic, but the Mars Rocer has a great overall presentation... I wonder how well these things work?

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I voted for the mars rover, I like the concept. It's like the real one but then in LEGO. ;)

tombomdoodle said... [REPLY]

I voted for the Space Driller, although, I liked the look of the Mars Walker Machine and Mars Rover.

Vanderdecken12 said... [REPLY]

I voted for the Moon Rock Harvester because I thought it was the most complex.

CheshireCat150 said... [REPLY]

I voted for the Motorized Mars Rover, although the Space Driller would have been my second choice.

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

Great choices everyone, is there some creation were we can see the thing working?

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