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| Jun 22, 2010

The LEGO Universe News Network has just received this transmission from Professor Brickkeeper:

Dear Earth Friends,

I can only hope that the Maelstrom doesn't destroy this message before it reaches your world! The blasted dark menace is destroying our summertime fun!

We Minifigures should be lying on the beach, sipping soda in the bright sun! But how can we when the Maelstrom's power continues to grow?! The sand is swarming with Stromlings!

I'd give anything to get into my swim trunks-- and don't even talk to me about my tan! I'm almost as pale as my lab coat!

Help brighten my Universe with your inspiration! Head to the Creation Lab
to overcome the newest creative challenge: Build some LEGO Universe summer fun!


Fans from all over the world are hoping to get into the LEGO® Universe Closed-Beta Test! Sign up if you haven’t already!

We can’t guarantee every signup a Closed-Beta Activation Key, but we’ll be sending more out soon! And keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming event where we’ll be giving away Activation Keys!

You could become one of the first lucky fans to play LEGO Universe and help get the game ready for launch!

Good luck, and stay tuned for more info!


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