Lego Universe Team at E3.

| Jun 15, 2010
There is a new Article at Here is what it says:

The LEGO® Universe team will be at E3 - the Electronic Entertainment Expo - in Los Angeles this week! E3 is a trade event for game industry professionals and isn’t open to the public, but we’ll share the exciting updates with you, at

The first big piece of news is that we are partnering with Warner Bros. to bring LEGO Universe to retail stores this fall! We partnered with Warner Bros. for LEGO video games including LEGO® Star Wars and Harry Potter, and they will help us launch our first MMOG in stores throughout the US and Europe. E3 visitors will be able to play LEGO Universe in the Warner Bros. booth at E3.

We will reveal new LEGO Universe content – plus a few surprises – to journalists at E3, so check your favorite gaming and technology news sites for their impressions.


LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]

This is an interesting bit of news, but I have a general suggestion about how you post things. I don't know about other readers, but for me it can be a bit confusing when you directly copy and paste from for your posts. It would help if you had an indicator at the top of the post saying something like "All content below copied from [link]." It is kind of difficult trying to figure out where your words end and LEGO's words begin.

mysterygoo said... [REPLY]

same here, the first time I read it I thought it was all mln blog's words. I had to reread it to get the full meaning

Sim533 said... [REPLY]

I would just add the link, that would be also good. =P Sorry, for the misunderstanding everyone!

crackers5 said... [REPLY]

Same here. I was thinking "The MLNBlog staff at E3??" :P

There's a LOT of really neat stuff to be revealed at E3 this year! :D

LEGOVerse said... [REPLY]


It looks really good now. I like the way you used a different font for the quoted text. Having standard formatting for the blog makes it look much more professional!

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